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        one time in my undergrad days, it was snowing like mad
        out. someone decided it was time a make a snowball. then
        someone else suggested that we should put this snowball in
        this one guy's room-- nobody liked this guy-- so when the
        word got around, half the people in our dorm section came
        out and help! we got this sucker so BIG that it must be
        at least 4 feet in diameter. it took about 6 person to haul
        the darn thing up 3 flights of stairs. we got the snowball
        into this guy's room while he was out, turn off the heat in
        the room and left all the windows open, so the snowball
        won't melt too fast. well... the turkey came back 3 hours
        later and found a HUGH snowball sitting in the middle of his
        room, and started melting! I still have the picture of the
        snowball. (if you really wonder how big the snowball is,
        just imagine a snowball the size of a normal dinning room

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